[PA] Gravity cPanel Shared Server Migration

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[PA] Gravity cPanel Shared Server Migration

On Wednesday, August 11th, we will be transferring all cPanel accounts on gravity.cynderhost.com to another server with upgraded hardware.

This migration will entail several changes:

  • We’ll be raising IO limits (in addition to making our drives faster) for all plans across the board. They will be as follows:
    • Basic: 5 MB/s -> 10 MB/s
    • Elite: 8 MB/s -> 18 MB/s
    • Unlimited: 12 MB/s -> 25 MB/s
    • Power: 24 MB/s -> 40 MB/s
    • No action is needed from you for this change.
  • A new set of IP Addresses will be provisioned. If you are using our DNS nameservers, no change is necessary. If you are using an external nameserver such as Cloudflare or your registrar’s servers, you’ll need to update the IP Address(es).
    • The IP to use will be provided prior to the migration.
  • Control Panel URLs will stay where they are, but if the IP Address was previously used to access FTP/SSH in your application, it will need to be updated.
  • We’ll be taking this chance to streamline our PHP management UI by removing the MultiPHP and INI editor in favor of the PHP selector which offers more flexible management. Your site will also now run on PHP 7.4 as 7.3 becomes EOL in 4 months. This is a minor version change, and therefore we don’t expect any issues. However, if you are concerned, please reach out to our team to ensure full compatibility.

This migration will occur from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST. There is no expected downtime during this period, and we expect this to take significantly less amount of time than allotted. However, we recommend against making any site changes while DNS propagates.

Another reminder will be sent 24 hours before the migration, and shortly after the conclusion of the migration. Once the migration is complete, we request that everything check their files and sites to ensure that there are no errors or missing files before 8/14.

Pricing, of course, will remain unchanged.

A complete timeline is outlined below:

  • 7/30: Initial Email Notification & Announcement
  • 8/10: Email sent with new IP address & migration reminder email sent out 24 hours before
  • 8/11 (Post Migration): Final notification email send with reminder to check files
  • 8/14: Old server decommissioned

If there are any questions, please post a comment below, and our team is more than happy to answer!

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